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5G Network Advantages and Disadvantages


What is 5G Network?

Network is the Internet, which connects millions of people all over the world. Wise, 5G is the Fifth Generation wireless Network Communication technology and 5G network uses millimeter-wave frequencies for connection. So it is very speed compared to the before generation networks such as 1G,2G, 3G ,4G.

5g network
5g network
NetworkLaunched YearData SpeedUse
First Generation (1G)19792.4 KbpsMobile voice calls only
Second Generation (2G)199164 KbpsMobile voice call and SMS
Third Generation (3G)1998144 kbpsMobile voice call, SMS and Mobile web browsing
Fourth Generation (4G)2008100 MbpsMobile voice call, SMS, Mobile web browsing, Mobile video Transmission at higher data speed
Fifth Generation (5G)202210 GPS per secondTechnology to serve consumers and digitalization of industries
5g network advantages

5G network frequencies ranges are between 24 GHz to 72 GHz. It is believed to be smarter, faster and more efficient compare with the 4G Network. 5G Network to be much as hundred times faster than 4G and cover more distance but less devices. Because 5G network consists of millimetre waves, which connected the minimum number of devices with low distance.

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Advantages of 5G Network

  • pros and cons of 5G

    5G network contains greater speed in Data transmission.

  • 5G network will be used in all device such as Smartphones, computer even cars etc…
  • 5G network contains lower latency less than 1 ms. In 5G the latency will be 10 times less then in 4G, been able to perform remote actions in real time.
  • Lower latency 5G network was able to control the missionary of an industrial plant, control logistics, or remote transport systems.
  • With 5G the number of devices that can be connected with high speed network connection and will go to million scale per square kilometre.
  • This greater number of connected devices will allow the smart cities and the automatic car.
  • It also allows network slicing.
  • High resolution and bi-directional large band width shaping.
  • It possible to to provide uniform, consistent and an interrupted connectivity across the world.
  • We can easily manageable with the previous generations.
  • The downloading and uploading speeds will be compared then the 4G network.
  • Technology to gather all networks on the on one platform.

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Disadvantages of 5G network

disadvantages of 5g wireless
disadvantages of 5g wireless

It increase the bandwidth will mean less coverage.

  • 5G is more costly compared to other mobile networks technology because required many technical engineers to install and maintain it.
  • The frequency of 5G technology was too, it might be a great issue with trees and they also have clear evidence that 5G cases DNA damage.
  • Old devices may not be compatible with the five generation cellular network.
  • 5G smartphones are costly. Hence, it will take some time for the common man to make use of 5G technology.
  • 5G mm wave suffers from many such losses (penetration loss,attenuation due to rain, foliage loss ….etc)
  • The frequency of this radiation is lower than the frequency of visible light. HDMI case no I need station and it is probably undetectable by animals, let alone hazardous for them.

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Features of 5G technology:

  • "theBand width: supports 1 Gbps or higher
  • Frequency bands: sub-1 GHZ,1 to 6GHZ, less than 6 GHz in mm bands(28 GHZ,40 GHZ)
  • Peak data rate :approximately (1 to 10 Gbps)
  • Cell edge data rate: 100 Mbps
  • End to end delay: 1 to 5 ms

Which spectrum level used in 5G networks?

disadvantages of 5g network
disadvantages of 5g networks

5G uses spectrum in the existing LTE frequency range ( 600 MHz to 6 GHz) and also in millimetre wave bands (24 to 86 GHZ). 5G technologies have to satisfy ITU IMT-2020 requirements and 3 GPP releases 15. while IMT-2020 specifies data rates of 20 Gbit/s, 5G speed in sub-6 GHz band is similar to 4G.

Which company gives the tools for set the 5G network?

pros and cons of 5g phones
pros and cons of 5g phones

Ericsson is the first company to launch live commercial 5G networks on four continents. Ericsson provides the key to 5G performance.

All over 9 companies sell 5G radio hardware Android 5G systems for carries. Those are,

  1. Altiostar
  2. Cisco systems
  3. Datang telecom
  4. Ericsson
  5. Huawei
  6. Nokia
  7. Qualcomm
  8. Samsung
  9. ZTE

Sprint manages to be one of the most promising 5G players with their sub -6 5G networks deployed on the extra spectrum at 2.5 GHz.

Which countries are launching the 5G network connection?

South Korea becomes the first country to launch 5G networks.

China has launched its 5G network and started commercial operation on 1 November 2019.At launch, Chinese state media called at the world’s largest 5G networks.

The top countries with 5G include South Korea, the United Kingdom, Germany, and the United States.

Countries including Switzerland and England or up and comers in 5G development, as they have limited development.

Top countries most likely to launch 5G network:

South Korea, China, Japan, the United States, Spain, United Kingdom, Switzerland

Which countries are possible to launch the 5G networks in future?

5G technology is accepted to become available in India for subscription in 2022.

The telecom sector will move to 5G by 2022 and access to digital platform will become highly advanced in the next five years.

Expected 5G penetration in 2025:

South Korea -66%


Japan- 49%

China -36%

Europe -30%

Mexico- 14%

India -11%

Brazil -11%

Banned countries of 5G network:

December 12 ,2019 ,Australia, New Zealand ,Japan ,Taiwan,USA have decided to ban and phase out the company’s products within their mobile networks.

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