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What is Android Rooting? Advantages and Disadvantages

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Hello everyone, today we are going to learn about What is Android Rooting?. The number of smartphone users increasing gradually day by day. Now, 3.3 billions of peoples are using smartphones. In the duration of 2017 to 2018 around 1.56 billions of smartphones are sold out. In this 86% of devices are Android.

Currently, only Android and Apple devices occupying 99.1% of smartphone market. Today in this article we learn,What is Android Rooting? Advantages and Disadvantages of Rooting.
In which the total percentage of Android users 86.2% and Apple (iOS) users 12.9%.

What is Android?

what is android Rooting

Android version is a Linux based mobile operating system. It was first developed by silicon valley company by the name of Android Inc. later 2007, it was developed by Google for touch screen based smartphones, tablets and computers.

Android is a powerful operating system with enhanced futures. And also android was more comfortable, popular, favourite and user-friendly to the users than any other operating system.

What is Android Rooting?

What is android rooting
What is android root

If you are buying an Android smartphone at any cost you will be the guest user to that smartphone. yeah it is a real fact. To resolve this Android rooting is a good choice. According to the statistics at the end of 2018, 86 % of peoples are using Android devices. In which almost 45% of Android users rooted their device By Considering the benefits of root access.

Android rooting is a process of accessing super user privilege control of Android system”.

What is Android Rooting

By rooting your Android device you can promoted as a super user. Now, we will discuss the main advantages and disadvantages of rooting your Android devices.

Advantages of Android Rooting:

Advantages android rooting
Advantages android rooting

1.Uninstalling pre-build system applications
If you are buying a new Android phone some unused and unwanted applications are pre-build has system applications. you can not uninstalling them without rooting your device.

2.To Moving applications from internal memory into external SD card

3.To Increase RAM of your Android device
Yeah it is possible by converting some space of your external SD card as RAM.
Note: By using any android applications you can’t increase RAM.

4.To installing any Android applications on your device
As a normal user you cannot install certain applications from play store. By rooting your device you can install any applications as you like.
Google camera, Titanium backup, Root browser, Font Installer, Razer game booster, Substratum theme engine, Gravity box etc…

5. For Complete Customization
By using different types of launchers you can customize only the home screen of your device. If, you root your device you can completely customize as your Like. By using Substratum theme engine, Custom ROM’s, Gravity box, Font installer etc…

6. To Installing custom kernels
On rooted device, you can install any custom Kernels as your needs. By installing custom Kernels on your device you can increasing the Charging speed, Battery life, RAM management, Performance and Sounds.

7. To Installing Custom ROM’s
By installing custom ROM’s you can manually upgrade your device to the latest Android versions like Android pie(9.0) or the Android Q(10) with latest security patch level. Even, After your mobile stopped to getting official updation.

8.To completely disable advertisement on your device.

Disadvantages of Android Rooting:

Disadvantages of android rooting
Disadvantages of android rooting

1. Your device’s warranty will be avoided.

2.By rooting Android you can directly access system files. The processes you make by mistake will soft brick your device.

Warning: don’t root your device unless you get a proper knowledge about Android rooting.

3.Your mobiles security patch level are weakened by rooting may easily hack-able.

4.You cannot use DRM protected applications like Netflix, Banking applications and any government related applications on your rooted Android device.
(DRM -Digital Rights Management)

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There are two ways to root your Android,

1.One click Root – through kingroot or kingoroot Android apps
By rooting this method you can directly access system files of Android system. By Rooting in this way will get the above mentioned disadvantages.

2.By Flashing Magisk Module:
It is a systemless root method and you cannot access directly of your system files. In this way you can use any Android apps as your wish.

After rooting your device, you can install any custom ROM’s to update latest security patch level of your mobiles. Which helps, more securable than UnRooted smartphones.

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