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5 Best Free Android Terminal Emulator App: FAQ’s

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Android Terminal Emulatorapp is a programme that makes you to accessing Linux Command Line shell. We already know that Linux is a powerful operating system and this Linux kernel was the heart of your Android smartphone. Terminal Emulator apps allows you to run various Linux Command Line in your Android smartphone. We mentioned the top 5 best free terminal emulator apps from Play Store.


Below mentioned apps are freely available from Play store. You can directly Install and start use.

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1. Busybox

best terminal emulator app
best terminal emulator app

Every Rooted apps needs Busybox to run properly and this app is the winner of best utility software award from Handster. Busybox is very simple, lite, fastest and very easy to use. Which is the most downloaded and more trusted Terminal Emulator app for Android in Play Store. The main feature of this app is, which makes it ideal for embedded devices running on Linux Kernels.

Notable Features:

  • Working only on Rooted devices.
  • Supports arm and Intel based devices.
  • Run Unix and GNU Utilities on your smartphone.
  • Pro version offers Smart Backup and advanced Installation, safety check and many other.


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2. Termux

terminal emulator app download
terminal emulator app download

Termux is a powerful terminal emulator comes with some basic pre-installed packages. Which allows the users to access the command line interface in a graphical environment like windows or Linux Command. Usually Termux works based on “C language”. Which allows you to install add-ons for increasing functionalities of your Android device.

Some important functions of Termux:

Task – Integrating termux with tasker

API – allow to integrate with existing Android apps

Widget – execute termux scripts from home screen of your device

Styling – allows you to customise

Float – allows a floating termux window

Notable Features:

  • Working on Rooted and Non Rooted Devices.
  • Run text based games fonts.
  • Access servers over ssh.
  • bash and zsh shells.
  • Python Console as a packet calculator.


3. Android Terminal Emulator

terminal emulator apk
terminal emulator apk

Android Terminal Emulator app comes with built-in command shells that gives you a full access to tweak kernel. It offers font, font colour keyboard customisation.

Notable Features:

  • Run in Rooted and Non Rooted Smartphones.
  • Full Linux terminal emulation.
  • Multi window supported.
  • Launcher shortcuts in home screen.
  • Completely free and No ads.
  • Complete Customisation.


4. Script Manager

terminal emulator app for android
terminal emulator app for android

Script Manager app completely free in app purchase. You can manage and execute scripts and Programmes, Root Explorer, Root file manager and terminal emulator in this single app.

Notable Features:

  • Shows graphical dialogue for running process.
  • Edit and Create Scripts using QR code.
  • Share and Bookmark your Scripts.
  • Multi tab browser.
  • Run at boot up.


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5. Material Terminal

terminal emulator app tricks
terminal emulator app tricks

This app is the remake of”Terminal Emulator for Android”application.

Notable Features:

  • Completely free in app purchase and No Ads.
  • Customisable interface as you like.
  • Full Linux terminal emulation supported.
  • Multi window supported.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is Terminal Emulator?

In simple words, terminal emulator is a app that designed for installing Linux packages in Android smartphones.

2. Why is Terminal Emulator not Working?

Some Terminal emulator apps also works on Non Rooted devices. But you cannot execute commands beyond that comes built-in into your Android. That is your must Root your device for proper functioning and must install Busybox.

3. How to Root Android using Terminal Emulator?

Use KingoRoot or KingRoot or Vroot apps. For more about how to Root Without PC Click Here.

4. How to Unlock Bootloader using Android Terminal Emulator?

Download Termux Android app from Play Store and Download Custom TWRP Recovery for your device from Here. Rename Recovery img file as recovery.img
Then open Termux app, type
and enter. Give next command as,
dd if=/sdcard/recovery.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p18
and enter. After this Reboot your device and check Bootloader unlocked Status. For more about how to unlock Bootloader with Terminal Emulator app Click Here.

5. How to use Terminal Emulator for Android?

Download any Terminal emulator app from Play Store and open and allow Root Permission and type su and enter to use. Before that make Google search for general commands.

6. How to paste in Terminal Emulator Android?

Make a Google search about tweaking commands, then hold on a command, select, copy and finally hold on terminal emulator app to paste and enter to execute.

7. Which terminal emulator to use with git bash?


8. How to Remove System apps using Terminal Emulator?

Must Root with Magisk – Click Here to Learn.
Install Busybox and debloater modules in magisk manager.
Then open Termux,
Type su and enter. Then again type debloater and enter.
Now choose which application your want to remove type number of that app and enter to remove.

9. How to stop Ads using Terminal Emulator?

Root with
Install Busybox, Energized Protection and Enable systemless host in Magisk manager settings.
Now open Termux app, type su and enter
Again give a command as Energized and enter.
Select which type of Ad block you want.
If you don’t have Root Permission Click Here to Learn How to stop Ads without Root Permission Click Here.

10. How to install Busybox using terminal emulator?

Open Magisk Manager, go to download section and search for Busybox and install it.


The above mentioned apps are freely available with Ads in Google Play Store. The above mentioned apps Pro version comes with many useful function. If you want to download those Pro version at free of cost Click Here to Download.

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