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Best Custom ROM for Android 2020 – Install


Just like Windows, iOS, Symbian, Android is a Open source Operating System based on Linux. The codes used to create a Android is Freely available. So the developers around the world can view, edit and give their contribution and Finally releasing as a Custom ROM in New name. Now plenty of Custom ROMs are available. In this article we see the Best Custom ROM for Android in 2020.

Before that we want to know,

What is Custom ROM?

ROM – Read Only Memory

Just like Windows and iOS, ROM is an Operating System (OS) of Android. These ROMs are making a communication between Hardware’s and software’s of your Android Smartphone. An Android Smartphones without these ROM wouldn’t run.

Every Smartphone manufacture stop the official supports For 1 or 2 year Older Smartphones. So, these Customs ROMs makes your Smartphone Up to date with Latest Security Patch Level.

What are the benefits for using Custom ROM?

  • No unwanted pre-builded apps (no Bloatware).
  • Ability to move apps from phone storage to memory card.
  • Ability to install any applications (Note – some other mobiles manufacturers applications won’t run in other Devices).
  • Entire Customisation is possible without any third party applications Like Launchers,Widgets and Icon Packs.
  • Ability to install Custom kernels which is increased the performance, Battery life and etc..
  • Ability to stop advertisements – Click Here for more.
  • Increased Performances and Battery Life.
  • More importantly you’ll get latest Security Patch level.

What are the Requirements for Installing Custom ROM?

Note – complete Backup is necessary according to your wish. Click Here to know How to Backup your Smartphones.

1. Unlocked Bootloader

Generally Bootloader fix the what program can run in your Smartphone. So for the first step in Installing Custom ROM is Bootloader unlocking.

Click the following links will show you how to unlock Bootloader step by step,

For Redmi and Mi Smartphones – Click Here.

For Oppo Smartphones – Click Here.

For Vivo Smartphones – Click Here.

2. Install Custom Recovery

After assembling hardware’s Android manufacturers first install stock Recovery for Flashing their own Android OS, Factory Reset and used for other services. But this Recoveries can’t give a freedom to Flash Custom ROMs on your device. So you must install any other Custom Recoveries like TWRP. Click Here for Installing Custom Recoveries on your Device.

Click Here For Best Custom Recoveries.

Best Custom ROMs for Android in 2020

These Custom Roms Doesn’t include Gapps Inbuildly so if you want Gapps, Flash the Gapps package.

Download Gapps Package Here.

1.Havoc-OS – Best Custom ROM for Android

best custom rom for android 2020
best custom rom for android 2020

Havoc OS uses Linux 3.X kernel based on AOSP and highly inspired by Google pixel. This ROM was started in August 2018 andcurrently number one position on our review. You probably won’t find The features given in Havoc OS than in any other Custom ROM. This is the first and one and only ROM to implement a truckload features with stability. Now, it overtakes Resurrection Remix, Paranoid Android, AEX by stability, Customisability and performance wise.


  • First ROM with huge features & Lag free smooth Experience.
  • Offers complete Customisation with Havoc Extensions.
  • Brings best performance and also offers gaming,Performance and Battery mod
  • AOSP gestures & Best for Daily Use.


2.Pixel Experience – Best Custom ROM for Android

Pixel Experience gives you a pure Google’s pixel Experience with Inbuilt Google assistant, Google camera, Google digital well-being & parental control and Pixel live wallpapers,…So dont need to flash Gapps separately.

This ROM brings you a pure stock AOSP Experience. Currently this is the best Custom ROM in our review.


  • Pure Pixel Experience & Best for Daily Use.
  • Amazing stability, huge battery Life.
  • Basic Customisability and good performance.
  • In-build Gapps.
  • No AOSP Gestures.


3. Lineage OS – Best Custom ROM for Android

best custom rom for android 2020
best custom rom for android 2020

First of all we are all femiliar with CyanogenMod which is discontinued. Now CyanogenMod was continued in the name of Lineage OS. It has a biggest community support than any other Custom ROMs and give fastest updates to the users.

Lineage OS uses Google’s AOSP codes without any change with some extra features. So it brings you a pure Stock Experience and it Supports overall 190 Devices.


  • Most stable Custom ROM & Best for Daily Use.
  • Lag free smooth Experience.
  • Huge battery life.
  • Best for performance.
  • Give more privacy with sense of Customisability.
  • No AOSP Gestures.


4.AOSP Extended – Best Custom ROM for Android


AOSP used an Google’s Android source code without any changes. But the developers include some hand picked features to this build fROM Lineage OS, Pixel Experience and give timely updates. Best for daily use.


  • Best for Stablity, smooth & lag free experience.
  • Huge battery life with performance & Best for Daily Use.
  • Offers standard Customisablility and Have own extensions and theme engine.
  • AOSP Gestures.


5. Evolution X – Best Custom ROM for Android

best custom rom for android 2020
best custom rom for android 2020

Evolution X is the best alternative to Resurrection Remix OS. Because this ROM is based on AOSP, Pixel Experience, Lineage Os and add some hand picked features from some other ROMs. So this is the most Customisable ROM out there but you won’t receive updations often like other ROMs.


  • Gives More Customisability.
  • Have AOSP and Custom Gestures.
  • Comes with decent stability and performance.
  • Increased battery Life.


6.CrDroid – Best Custom ROM for Android


This ROM was similar to AOSP Extended ROM and Lineage OS with some additional tweaks.

It give pure stock experience and offers some Customisablility without losing performance.

Features are similar to AOSP ROM.


6.Paranoid Android – Best Custom ROM for Android

This ROM is based on Oxygen OS. It provides more securable and average Customisable ROM and it is only available for certain mobiles like Sony Xperia, Nexus, Google Pixel phone and OnePlus Devices.


  • Best for performance and stability.
  • Provides More privacy .
  • Comes with average Customisation and good battery backup.
  • Inbuilt Dolby Atmos.


7. Resurrection Remix – Best Custom ROM for Android

number one custom rom in 2020
number one custom rom in 2020

Resurrection Remix was one of the most famous Custom ROM for Customisation lovers. RR ROM was based on AOSP and Lineage OS and the lots of Features are selectively included to this ROM from various ROMs.


  • Best for Customisation with own extension settings panel.
  • Better performance and battery life.
  • Have Both AOSP & Custom Gestures.


8.Arrow OS – Best Custom ROM for Android

Arrow OS based Pixel Experience ROM. This is the lightest and more functional Custom ROM.


  • Best for clean, neat and simplicity.
  • Best for performance.
  • Also Offers gesture based Navigation.


9.MSM Extented – Best Custom ROM for Android

best android custom rom 2020
best android custom rom 2020

It’s entirely a new project gives a huge Customisation with based on Oxygen OS.


  • Offers gesture based Navigation.
  • Best for Customisation.
  • Have own Theme Engines for Customisability.


10.AOSIP – Best Custom ROM for Android

must try custom in 2020
must try custom in 2020

AOSIP – Android Open Source Illusion Project.

This is also a new project brings complete Customisation and inspired by Pixel Experience ROM. Now this ROM officially and unofficially available for lots of Devices that is slowly in growing state.

Features are similar to AOSP ROM.


The above mentioned ROMs are I personally tried in various Smartphones. But lots of Custom ROMs and Ported ROMs are availAbility in Xda developer site namely Syberia OS,Xenon HD,Bliss ROM,Miui ported ROMs, Oxygen OS ported ROMs, Color OS ported ROMs and etc…

If you have doubt in how to Install Custom ROMs in your Android Smartphone Click Here to continue and for any queries comment below.

Thank you!!!

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