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Best ways to earn Bitcoins 2020 – 100% Working

Possible ways to earn Bitcoins in 2020


Today we guide you about, Best ways to earn Bitcoins 2020. Bitcoin is known as digital currency or Crypto Currency. the transactions are made between two individuals without any intermediates by online only. Generally the Bitcoins are generated by the solving of very difficult puzzles or mathematical problems involves a block chain method.

The value of Bitcoin does not decided by any individual persons or countries. Now today in this article we learn Best ways to earn Bitcoins in 2020, positivities and negativities of using Bitcoins in today life Clearly.

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History of Bitcoin

Best ways to earn Bitcoins in 2020
Best ways to earn Bitcoins in 2020

The first Bitcoin was made by Satoshi Nakamoto in Japan at 2004 and its official website ““registered on 18 August 2018. The paper of “the peer – peer electronic cash system” published by Satoshi Nakamoto on October 31st 2008. After January 2009 Bitcoin network was created and mined the 1st block chain named as genesis block.

The first receiver of Bitcoin was Cyberpunk hal Finney. He receive and download the 10 Bitcoins from Satoshi Nakamoto on 12th January 2009.The first transaction using Bitcoins made by Loslo Unuse, he buy a pizza Corner for 10,000 Bitcoins at 2010.

Satoshi Nakamoto creates 1 million Bitcoins in 2010. After 2010, Gavin Anderson become the lead developer of Bitcoin foundation. He creates 21 Million Bitcoins and also makes Decentralised control over Bitcoin Transactions.

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What is the value for Bitcoin?

What is the value of one bitcoin today
What is the value of one bitcoin todayWhat is the value of one bitcoin today

Bitcoin is a Virtual Currency denoted as BTC or by the Symbol ฿. Bitcoins doesn’t have stable value like Dollars and Currencies. The first Bitcoin Value in 2009 is 2 Dollars (Rs.120) only.

Now, the Minimum price of 1 Bitcoin in 2020 is $16,000 and Maximum price is $24,000.

In India,At March 22, 2019, 1 Bitcoin = Rs 2,76,333.99

Now, March 21,2020 1 Bitcoin = Rs 4,62,200.33

Unlike Currencies and Dollars, the value of Bitcoin is always increasing and only sometimes decreasing.

The possible generated value of Bitcoin is 21 Millions.

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Best ways to earn Bitcoins in 2020

We are all know that Day by day the value of Bitcoin is increasing gradually and demands of Bitcoin increases as well. So follow any one of the way to make more Bitcoins.

1. Trading Bitcoins

possible ways to earn bitcoins 2020
possible ways to earn bitcoins 2020

You can buy and sell a Bitcoins when the value of Bitcoin increasing maximum value and get potential profit. Bitcoins are easily available for trade, you can buy from below trusted sites or from any individual persons.

Always use international sites for BTC trading because they offer considerable commission.

You can earn Bitcoins in India from the following website’s

  • High Investment
  • High Risk
  • High Income
  • Short Period

2. Mining Bitcoins

There are 3 types of mining Bitcoins and it requires Powerfull computer, High Electricity, BTC Machine. But without Team it is not possible and you also earn more bitcoins by,

Play mobile Puzzles,

Play online puzzles,

Take online surveys,

Completing the task in websites.

  • High Investment
  • Medium Risk
  • Good Income
  • Short Period

3. Freelancer

easiest way to earn bitcoins in 2020
easiest way to earn bitcoins in 2020

Become an freelance writer for websites and blogs to earn Bitcoins. Here I mentioned the best trusted freelance websites and they were paid 10 to 50 dollars per Post.

  • No Investment
  • Risk Free
  • Average Income
  • Instant Money

4. Start a Blog or Websites

how to earn bitcoin complete guide
how to earn bitcoin complete guide

Today we are live in internet world and we are searching answered for our questions in online. so start a own blog or Website, write a good quality content and earn.

  • Investment only for Domain and Hosting only. (Note: Don’t go secondary Domains and hosting. It is Totally waste of time)
  • Risk Free
  • Average to High
  • Some months to pick-up.

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5.Write a contents

Today lots of searched terms in Google is how to make money online. So starts today and write a content about how to earn more Bitcoins, best ways to earn Bitcoins,.. On your Blog or Websites. You’ll definitely reach and achieve your goals.

  • No Investment
  • Risk Free
  • Average to High
  • Short Period

6.Bitcoin Affiliates

how to make more bitcoins in 2020
how to make more bitcoins in 2020

If you are master in Marketing field, you can sign up as a affiliate marketer. Then you can sell it through online or offline and you’ll get 10% Commission.

  • No investment
  • Medium Risk
  • Average to High
  • Short Period

7.Take a part in Crowd Funding

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Which countries are Using Bitcoins?

bitcoin legal countries in 2020
bitcoin legal countries in 2020

Most of the countries approving digital Currencies like Bitcoins, PV MYNT. But the government doesn’t announce Bitcoin is illegal. This type of Currencies may be used for illegal activities so these Currencies will be banned in following countries only.

Afghanistan Vietnam Bangladesh Qatar Saudi Arabia Algeria Pakistan the republic of Macedonia Bolivia.

Is Bitcoin is legal in India?

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) says,

“All types of Crypto Currencies are not Banned

But Don’t Bank on it”.

That is no ban for Bitcoins and the users are requested to handled carefully. Finally Supreme Court of India advices to Reserve Bank of India to make a Crypto Currency regulation policies.

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Positives of using Bitcoins

  • BTC protocol cannot be manipulate by any individual person or Country.
  • International transaction of Bitcoins very easy and faster.
  • Not required to enclose the ID for this type of transactions and no transaction charges.
  • Day by day the demand of Bitcoin increases gradually.
  • Bitcoin is a completely decentralized one. So you can make a transactions without any intermediates.
  • It uses high end servers for transactions and security guaranteed.
  • No hacks can be possible on Bitcoins.

Negativities of using Bitcoins

  • Networking is very important to make transactions.
  • Have limited amount of coins (Currently 21 Millions only)
  • Most of the peoples not ready to use and accept any type of crypto Currencies.
  • May be used for Black market activities.
  • Due to Hard Disk Crashes, Virus and Malware attack you definitely lost this Bitcoins and can’t recover it.
  • Can’t be used in physical stores.

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