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How to Downgrade Android Version? Easy & Error Free


Today, through in this article we learn How to downgrade Android version safely. Using this method you can downgrade any Android versions to it’s lower version easily.

Most of us updating our Smartphones to latest versions to test it’s features eagerly, when it is arrives. But we cannot understand that, the latest builts are under testing and only release developer versions for preview (Beta Versions such as Android 11 and Miui 12). So that builts have lot’s of bugs inside of that Android Version.

How to downgrade android version
How to downgrade android version

After updating you’ll face some major bugs like, Volte not working, cannot switch data,.. So most of us trying to downgrade smartphones. But How?

Here we give, How to downgrade Android version in seven simple steps.

How to Downgrade Android Version? Step by Step tutorial

Step 1: Backup your Android smartphone.

Downgrading your Android smartphone completely wipe everything on your device. So it’s necessary advice, Take complete backup of your smartphone.

Step 2: Enable USB debugging

Enabling USB debugging allows communicate with android software kit using USB cable. To enable USB debugging,
Go to settings >> About Phone >> Build Number >> tap 7 times continuously.
You might see, Now you are a developer.
Then again,
Go to settings >> Additional/More settings >> Developer menu/Option >> Enable USB debugging.
For Xiaomi users,
Go to settings >> About Phone >> Miui version >> tap 7 times continuously.
Then again,
Go to settings >> Additional/More settings >> Developer menu/Option >> Enable USB debugging.

Step 3: Download Firmware(Stock ROM)

Go to your Android smartphone official firmware downloading website and download which firmware you want to Flash.
For Example, If you are a Xiaomi users,
Go to official Xiaomi Firmware Downloader >> Select your device >> Choose Downgrade Version >> Download.
Similarly you can download, appropriate downgrade firmware for your device using following links.
and similarly you can find and download firmware by google search.

Step 4: Install Fastboot driver and Flashing tool

Extract downloaded firmware on Windows PC/Laptop. That contains flashing tools, adb fastboot USB driver, flashable downgrade firmware in zip format and User manuals.
After extracting, install fastboot USB driver and flash tools.

Step 5: Add firmware to flash tool

Open Flash tools and add downgrade firmware from previously extracted folder. Then connect your mobile in to PC through fastboot mode.

Step 6: Connect your Smartphone through Fastboot mode

Turn off your smartphone, then hold volume down + power button together for few seconds. And connect your smartphone through USB cable in to PC.

Step 7: Flash stock firmware

After connecting your device through fastboot mode, make sure your device will be connected/added to flash tools. If above all steps working perfect, Click to flash and wait for it’s completion.
After flashing completed, just disconnect your device and Restart your device.
That’s it you successfully downgraded your Android Smartphone to lower version.

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Plenty of custom ROM’s available for every Android device, Installing Custom ROM, you can manually upgrade your device to latest version. Unlike official updates, frequently updates available from that particular ROM developer. And you may ask and register any bug founded on that ROM.

Disclaimer/How to downgrade Android Version:

If you download and flash wrong firmware on your device, then your device may be soft bricked permanently. So we are donot recommended to do this, if you donot have knowledge about this. And we are not responsible if anything happens wrongly.

So be aware while proceeding each step of the process of, How to downgrade Android Version?. And if you see anything wrong while flashing your device just disconnected your device from PC. And feel free to ask any help regarding to Android tricks and hacks in comments.

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