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How to Hide Root from apps Magisk? – Easily


Recent studies shows that, the 40% of users Rooted their Android smartphone. But you won’t run/use DRM protected apps and games like bank apps, Netflix, Pokemon go,.. On Rooted Android. So, today in this article, we will show you how to hide Root from apps Magisk step by step.

how to hide root from apps

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What is Magisk Root?

Magisk is a more secure way to Root your Android device. That doesn’t alter your android system files and allow you to hide Root. It also has many advantages, than Supersu. Which is given below,

  1. Secure way to access Root permission.
  2. Safetynet Pass.
  3. Hide Root status of your device completely.
  4. You can use Magisk manager as Custom Recovery and can flash various modules.
  5. Various Magisk Modules available for tweak your device.

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If you rooted your device through KingoRoot, KingoRoot or other apps. You must move to Magisk, because Rooting your device through these apps will alter system files directly. If you do something without knowing the issue, your device will be soft bricked. So it is recommended to move Supersu to Magisk.

How to Root my Android device using Magisk?

Best and Must have Magisk Modules on Rooted Device.

How to hide Root from apps using Magisk:

Magisk Manager

Select Magisk Hide

Select which app to hide

Open the app

Simply Open Magisk Manager > Select Magisk Hide from Side Bar > Select which app you want to hide Root permission. Then again go to open that app, this time that app opens easily without any hassle.

We hope this guide will help you to hide Root permissions from other apps. And if it was useful don’t forget to comment below.

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