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How to Make Money Online in 2020 – Free


Today I Represent the easiest way to make Money Online free. Using this methods anyone can Make money Online from Teenagers to everyone. Below Listed jobs are answer for the How to Make Money Online,How to Make Money Online free,How to Make Money Online instantly,How to Make Money Online at teenage,How to Make Money Online in 2020.

Linux Distribution OS are best for Online Jobs. If you don’t have any Linux Distributions on your PC/Laptop Click here to Install Linux Mint 19.3.

You can also try Ubuntu OS or kali linux.

1. Freelancer


Freelancer is the Article Writing job for Famous Websites. It’s the one of the best online job ever. Think your self, what you are good at and make a commitment as freelancer. is one of the best marketplace of Ideas, Skills and Talents. In which Hundreds of Articles will be released in different Categories in each and every days. Probably they paid up to $10 – 50 Dollars per article according to your content quality. Once you get paid, you can withdrawn your Money at anytime.

Just signup and write your own content and upload to the any one of the below sites.

Best Trusted Freelancing Sites


  • No investment
  • Work as part time or full time as you like
  • Learn something new
  • Flexibility and fewer meetings
  • No workload and freedom with clients


  • No job security and less certainties
  • Need to fight hard

Click Here for Must have apps for your device.

2. Start your own Blog or Website

how to make money online
how to make money online

Start your own self hosted Website or Blog with Unique domain. Write a good quality articles in desired topics and publish. After the Adsense approval, you make money by showing Ads in your website and also you make money by affiliate marketing. You will get $0.008 dollars per view. But after your site reaches, you’ll get more CPC and CTR values.

Big sites can make$2000 to $5000 per day.

Top blogger’s in India,

Amit Agarwal, Pritam Nagrale, Harsh Agarwal,..


  • Be your own boss
  • Work as part time or full time
  • Learn Something
  • Make more money and it cannot be stopped


  • Put some investments for buying Domain Name and Hosting service
  • Time consuming
  • Need a team to work properly

This article will help you to start self hosted websites or blog Click Here to Learn.

You can also search in Google or YouTube for further information’s on how to start your own website or blog.How to Make Money Online in 2020.

Must have apps on Rooted devices 2020 Click Here

3. Affiliate Marketing

how to make money online for beginners
how to make money online for beginners

eCommerce sites and Service provider gives you a commission for Referring their products or services through your websites, blogs or any other social networks. You will get up to 12% commission for each referrals. But the only condition is you must be 18 years old.


  • No investment
  • Refer more earn more
  • Commission rate is 1 to 12% for each referrals


  • Working for commission
  • False advertising logos and brands and products

4. Online Surveys

how to make money online free
how to make money online free

Just answer the questions according to your knowledge and earn money. Just Register yourself in any one of the below sites and make money by completing Surveys. After certain earning you can redeem as cash or prizes.

Best top Survey sites


Valued Opinions

iPanel online



Opinion bureau

The panel Station


  • No investment
  • Flexible design
  • Simple questions
  • Increase in response later
  • Earn money by completing Surveys
  • Knowledge is not necessary


  • Inaccurate answers
  • Answer without knowledge

5. Pearlvine

how to earn money in pearlvine 2020
how to earn money in pearlvine 2020

Create a free Pearlvine account and update with $ 30 (Rs.2250) to 1st level Pearl and you will earn 32 Lakhs. This 32 Lakhs income comes in 8 stages. To get this 32 Lakhs of income you want join 4 members in your down line. at least 10 people’s will join for every minutes globally and so Nobody is Loser in this System.

Click Here to Join Pearlvine System.

For More about Pearlvine system Click Here.

6. Virtual Assistant

how to make money online instantly
how to make money online instantly

This is the top and most wanted online job in our list. The demand of virtual assistant in growing rapidly across the world. The familiar and most popular virtual assistant jobs are,Database collection, Chat supporter, Download and upload tasks, Proofs Reading, email support,..

The following sites offer virtual assistant jobs

Virtual staff finder

Hello Rache

7. Translator – How to Make Money Online

how to make money online as a college student
how to make money online as a college student

To apply translator job, the candidates must have a fluent in source and destination languages. Currently Spanish, German and Mandarin language translator has high demand. Most paid translator job sites

Pactera technology – $ 30.00 per work

USA studies – $ 20.00 per work

Cactus communication – $ 3,337 per month

Just Register your details in given sites and earn average price$ 10 per work.

Best sites for Online Translator job




8. Online Tutoring – How to Make Money Online

how to make money online kid
how to make money online kid

If you are well Educated or have a talent or skill in something. You can do online Tutoring in your spare times. Payment is based on your Educational level, Talent and Experience. For example, an expert in particular subject earn$ 30 to$ 50 Dollars per hour for High school standard.

Only requirements are you have PC/Laptop, Web camera with Internet Connection.

I listed the best online Tutoring sites below and just Register & go ahead with yourself.

Tutor ABC


Tutor Vista

9. Social Media Manager – How to Make Money Online

how to make money online quickly
how to make money online quickly

If you have lots of social Media followers, this is the most suitable Online job for yourself. Just promote your own products or services in visual Media’s. One experienced social media manager can make more than$ 120 per hour in YouTube partner programme.

Popular social media platforms are,

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,…

10. Web Designer – How to Make Money Online

how to make money online for free
how to make money online for free

It is the one of the toughest job in our list. Web designer have knowledge in multiple programming languages and need digital advancement. Marketing is necessary to reach clients.

11. Content Writer – How to Make Money Online

This is similar to freelancer job. But in this job you write a article for Magazines and Publications. They paid huge amount than freelancer job. Just Google it to see available content writer job near you.

Research a lot, find your own unique style and become more creative you will definitely get more earnings.

12. YouTube – How to Make Money Online

how to earn money online 2020
how to earn money online 2020

YouTube is the biggest video streaming app today. Start your own brand YouTube channel account and publish videos in your own style. After your get a 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours video watch times. You’ll get Google Ads in your video to make money. You’ll get get $ 1 for each 1000 views. You can also re-upload creative common videos in your site to make money online.

Richest youtubers

  • Ryan kaji
  • Dude perfect
  • Dan TDM
  • Jeffree

If you want Ads free Youtube Click here.

13. Selling products Online – How to Make Money Online

how to earn money fast
how to earn money fast

Start your own self hosted Blog or website for affiliate Marketing. Through this site sell your own products and services to earn money online. You also sell others products to make money.

14. PTC Sites – How to Make Money Online

how to make money online without paying anything
how to make money online without paying anything

PTC – Paid to Clicks

The advertisers paid money for displaying Ads in PTC sites and a part of this payment first to viewers. PTC sites acts as a intermediate between Advertiser’s and Consumer.

PTC sites are legal in most countries.

Best PTC sites




Prize Rebel

Paid verts

16. Affiliate Marketing of Bitcoins – How to Make Money Online

Day by day the demand of Bitcoins gradually increased. If you are expert in Marketing field, you can sign up as a affiliate marketer and you’ll get 10% Commission.

Best sites for Bitcoins Affiliate marketting


If you want to know more about Bitcoins Click Here.

17. Data Entry – How to Make Money Online

Hottest online job in 2020. The data entry work is simple, Just cut copy paste into one word or Excel file to another word or file. You earn$1 per hour.

Best websites for Data Entry online job



18. Captcha Solver – How to Make Money Online

how to earn money online after corona
how to earn money online after corona

Just Register yourself with below sites and start earning by solving captchas.



For all of your Online Earnings are successfully transaction-ed through PayPal account only. If you dont have PayPal account Click Here to Create it is Free.

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