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How to Remove System Apps on Android Easy method


Even Premium Smartphones also comes with some useless pre-installed Android apps. Those apps are automatically update itself and Consuming more storage, RAM and Battery also. You cannot uninstall/Remove those pre-installed bloatware apps in regular methods. Through in this article we help you, How to Remove System apps using Magisk by Terminal Emulator app.

This topic cover, How to Remove System Apps in all possible kind of ways.

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  • Rooted Smartphone
  • Busybox – Add Commands
  • Debloater Magisk Installed – Remove apps
  • Terminal Emulator app – to access terminal of your Android system.

How to Root Smartphone with Magisk?

Root permission is a necessary one for Removing useless system apps in your smartphone. Magisk Root offers secure way to access Root permission without altering/accessing system files. That is Magisk Root is a System-less Root method.

How to Root your Android Smartphone with Magisk? – Click Here.

After successfully access Rooting your Smartphone, Open Magisk Manager app from menu for Root Permissions.

If you don’t have a PC/Laptop, try to Root your Android smartphone by Clicking Here.

How to Install Busybox in Magisk Manager?

Busybox is a essential and must have app in every Rooted smartphones. Now this module also available in Magisk module. In order to add commands beyond from pre-build commands of your Smartphone, it is necessary. Because Busybox helps you to add more commands to your Linux Terminal.Steps to Install Busybox Magisk module,

1. Open Magisk manager app from app drawer and Navigate to Downloads from Side Menu drawer.

2. In Search box, Type Busybox.

3. In the Search result, you’ll see Busybox and tap it to download.

After downloading it automatically Installed in Terminal window.

How to Install Debloater Magisk Module?

remove system apps using terminal
remove system apps using terminal

This modules allows you to Remove system apps in Rooted smartphones.

1. Open Magisk Manager again and Navigate to Downloads.

2. In download Section, Search Debloater and tap to download.

After Successfull download, this module automatically Installed to your device.

remove system apps with magisk
remove system apps with magisk

If you can’t find these modules through Magisk Manager. Then Download Busybox and Debloater Magisk Modules Here. Now launch the Magisk Manager app and go to Modules from sidebar. Then tap add button and choose these downloaded modules from downloads for directory to Install.

For more about How to Install Magisk Modules? – Click Here.

Download Terminal Emulator Android app:

Lots of free Terminal Emulator apps available for Android in Google Play Store. You can download it easily. If you can’t find which is the best Terminal emulator app for your Android device then Click Here to find.

We suggest you to use Termux because it is more recommended by XDA Develops team.

If you do not wish to Root your mobile, try this one for How to Remove System Apps.

How to Remove System apps?

After all set, this is the right time for How to Remove System Apps in your Smartphone. Open Termux Terminal emulator app from app drawer, it installs some basic commands to your Smartphone.

Then type


and Enter. Now your smartphone asks permission for Root access and Click to “grant” permission.

Then give a second commands as,


and enter.

uninstall system apps in terminal
uninstall system apps in terminal

This commands will launch Debloater Magisk module interface. In Debloater Magisk module interface, select any one of the following to remove.

  1. System Apps
  2. System priv-apps
  3. Vendor apps
  4. Enter custom System apps dir

i.Import config

Now, type 1 and enter to scan installed system apps in your Smartphone. This module will show complete list of system apps. From the list, make a Note of app number for which app to remove. Then enter a number and enter to remove system apps. Eg., 25 and Enter.

If you want to Remove multiple apps, separate those numbers with space inside inverted commass.

For Eg., “25 31”

Once it is done, Just Reboot your device to see changes. That’s it you successfully How to Remove System Apps without hassle.

Who will flash custom ROM’s often, try Appsystemiser to set third party apps as system app. After that apps won’t remove.

Frequently Asked questions:

1. How to Remove/Uninstall System apps without Root?

Use System app remover android app, which available in Google Play store. But without Root permission you can’t some System apps.

2. Is it Possible to Remove apps without root?

Yes it is Possible but you can’t Remove all applications.

3. How to Remove system apps using terminal emulator?

In Rooted Smartphone, you can Uninstall/Remove system apps using Debloater Magisk module.

4. Best Android app to Remove system apps?

System App Remover which is worked on both Rooted as well Non rooted smartphones.

5. Is it safe to disable android web view system?

No. Without Android web view you can’t load Html Pages.

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