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How to Root Xiaomi Poco X2 with Magisk – Easy


This article is an comprehensive guide for, How to Root Xiaomi Poco X2 with Magisk. That involves step by step tutorial about, How to Unlock Xiaomi Poco X2 bootloader, How to Install TWRP Recovery in Poco X2 and Root with Magisk. Before, further proceeds Read the terms What is Android Rooting and it’s Advantages and Disadvantages.

Android Rooting explores additional features to your smartphone. And gives more control over your smartphone. By Rooting your poco X2, you can manually update your device, tweak it’s performance and use like a Pro.

Why? We Root Xiaomi Poco X2 with Magisk:

Unlike all other methods of Rooting, which includes Supersu method of Rooting or KingRoot Root Method. Magisk Offers more secure and Easy way to Root your Xiaomi Poco X2 without any problem.

root xiaomi poco x2

“Magisk Root offers more secure Root access on Xiaomi Poco X2 without altering Android System files”

Root Xiaomi Poco X2

Due to the following reasons, You’ll get know Magisk Root method was better than all other methods.

  1. Secure way to access Root permissions without altering Android System files.
  2. Offers Safety Net pass on Rooted Smartphones for Safe Web Browsing.
  3. Magisk hide offers, Hides Root from other apps.
  4. Remove unwanted system apps easily.
  5. Block Unwanted Ads and popups completely.
  6. Run any DRM protected apps without any hassle.
  7. Plenty of Magisk modules available to tweak your device.
  8. Flash zip files.
  9. Easy to Manage Root permissions.
  10. Get instant developers support from Reddit, XDA and Github.

Prerequisites to Root Xiaomi Poco X2:

For an older smartphones below Android 5.0 (Lollipop) does not required to unlock bootloader and Custom Recoveries. For any new Android devices, above Android version 5.0, is necessarily fullfil the following prerequisites. To access root permissions in Newer devices is necessary to

  1. Unblock bootloader
  2. Install custom Recoveries like twrp.

Files Required to root xiaomi Poco X2:

The below files are required to Root Xiaomi Poco X2, Not only for this device. And any android devices needs below files to Root their Android.

Fastboot USB DriverDownload
Mi Unlock ToolDownload
Twrp RecoveryDownload (Unofficial)
Lazyflasher.zipDownload ( Link will be updated soon)
Root Xiaomi Poco X2

Step by Step Guide for Root Xiaomi Poco X2:

Backup Your Xiaomi Poco X2 Smartphone

It is recommended advice, take complete backup of your Smartphone like, SMS, Call history, personal pictures or videos and app data’s, unless you may lose your Data stored on your smartphone.

Enable USB debugging and OEM Unlock

Enabling USB Debugging makes easier to communicate with Android Software Developer Kit (SDK) through USB cable. So, you must enable USB debugging and OEM Unlocking under Developer Option. For that,
Go to settings > About phone > Miui version – tap 7 times continuously to enable developer Option.
Then again,
Go to settings > Additional Settings > Developer option > Enable USB debugging and OEM unlock.
And reboot your device. Now again,
Go to settings > Additional Settings > Developer option > Click on Mi Unlock status and add your device to unlock.
By adding your device on Mi Unlock status, helps you to Unlock Bootloader of your Xiaomi Poco X2.

Unlock Xiaomi Poco X2 Bootloader

After downloading both fastboot driver and Mi unlock tool (Given above table), extract and Install it on your Windows PC. Then Open Mi Unlock Tool and sign-in with your appropriate Mi account. After that, Connect your smartphone through Fastboot mode using USB cable.
(Access fastboot mode by pressing Volume down + Power button together for few seconds)
After connecting your device with Mi unlock tool, you’ll get noticed that your mobile was connected. Then Click on Unlock to complete the process.

Install twrp recovery on Xiaomi Poco X2

Download required twrp recovery file for your device from above table, then rename into recovery.img.
Now Connect your Xiaomi Poco X2 through fastboot mode via USB cable. Then open twrp recovery contained folder on PC, Now press shift + Right click of your mouse in empty space, And select Open windows shell command here. In the command menu type,
fastboot devices
and hit enter,Now your connected with PC. Next give a second command as,
fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
and hit enter, to complete the process, just disconnect your device from PC. Then hold Volume up + power button together to enter into Recovery for flashing files.

How to Root Xiaomi Poco X2

Downloading the using above link, then switch off your mobile. Then go to twrp recovery menu, by holding Volume Up + Power button. In the Recovery menu,
Select Install > Select Storage > Select from download Folder > Swipe to Install.
Similarly flash and clear cache every time.

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We do not recommended you to Root your device, because it will soft brick your device permanently.

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