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How to start a Blog and Earn Money – Free


Hello friend, if you are looking for how to start a blog and earn money online. Then you come to the right place, we are not affiliate marketing here. On the bases of my experience I’ll guide you with a step by step demonstration about, how to start a blog easily.

First of all I’m introducing my self as Sanju, author at various blogs. Yeah I’m started my blogging carrier with Google’s free blogger, then move into free WordPress site and then finally moved into self hosted WordPress Blog.

Once again I remember you, we are not affiliate marketing here and share my personal experience. From my experience you’ll learn some important thinks to avoid in your blogging carrier. And this guide more useful for, avoid such a mistakes making by me on my older blogs.

Hope this guide will help you to become an successful blogger in your carrier. And don’t skip any part of this article, How to start a Blog and without wasting your time let’s get into the topic.

Before further proceeding, you need to know the following terms.

Blog vs Website, Which is best/better?

“Every blogs are website, but not all website are Blogs”

How to start a blog

Simply, every blogs are type of website, with a huge collections of posts and pages with frequent updates. In blog, the interaction between author and reader is possible for better communications. Blog sites provide all information’s in structured data and may get several updates per day.

In the other site, websites providing a static pages with basic information and not get updated. Here readers cannot communicate with authors.

Example of Blogs:

News sites, forums like reddit,quora,..

Example for Websites:

Online shopping sites – ebay, Amazon, Snapdeal,..

Online Streaming sites- Netflix,..

Now you understand the term, what is blog?. In upcoming paragraphs you’ll learn more about which blogging platforms are best and more information’s.

For a successful business, you must choose blog as your blogging platform. Because most of the blogging platforms are built with templates, that is drag and drop type. So it doesn’t require any coding knowledge’s.

Steps involving in How to start a Blog

Find a perfect niche for your blog: How to start a Blog

“If you succeed to find a perfect niche, you’ll be succeed”

How to start a blog

Most of the time bloggers failed to choosing the perfect niche for their blogs. Because every new bloggers they think, entertaining contents makes our site better visible than any other niche’s. This was the biggest mistakes taken by most of the bloggers.

Note: If you really want to make more money, select a exact niche in your relevant field. Which may be product review, movie review, tech blogs, health and fitness Blog or Affiliate marketing,How to blogs, e-Commerce or anything.

Notably, most of the advertisers wishes to show their Ads on contents. So google also visible more ads if your content was, how good. And google doesn’t shows their Ads on empty contents.

Think yourself, select a perfect niche of your interested field and fix it. And write a good quality contents and regularly update your content with interval.Before publishing your content, you must check these on page SEO checklist, will help you to improve your content more better.

Choose a best blogging platform: How to start a Blog

This is the most important part of, How to start a Blog and earn more money. Plenty of free and self hosted blogging platforms available to explore your ideas and knowledge’s. Select which one is more suitable for you, it’s free or paid. Here we listed some best blogging platforms to make money online.

And also these blogging platforms offers free blog with secondary domain, that free blogs also allows you to monetize your site for make money online.

1. WordPress

In current, more than 60% of blogging websites are builded with WordPress. It is a simple and easy blogging platform packed with free and self hosted plans.

In a free WordPress blog, wordpress shows their Ads and cannot allows you to monetize your content with any Adsense programs. But it offers, import your free content to self hosted blog later.

2. Wix

Come up with free and paid plans, drag and drop type. Best for non technical users, might find these functions more useful. In a free wix blog, Display their ads and cannot allowed you to monetize your free blog with any adsense programs.

3. Blogger

Blogger is a free blogging platform provided by Google. And this was our first recommendation to create your own free blog using Gmail account. Unlike all other blogging platform, Google doesn’t show their ads in free blog. Which helps you to monetize your blog with Google Adsense to make money.

By default, URL of blogger come up with, your name., but now Google offers you to change blog name instead of blogspot suffix as your website name.

4. Weebly

Weebly is the best free blogging platform for earning money. The features, pros and cons are similar to blogger. Unlike all other free blogging platform weebly doesn’t show their ads in free blog. And allows you to monetize your free blog with Google Adsense.

One special thing about weebly, it doesn’t required or need not be suffixed with And offers E-commerce site also.

5. Medium

This is also best free blogging platform to publish your ideas and knowledges. But you cannot earn more money.

The free blogging platforms that offers, secondary domains only, that is look like,


your name.wixcom


The above mentioned blogging platforms are good, if you want to start your blogging carrier. This type of secondary domains won’t founded on any google searches(majority of time).

In case, currently you don’t wish to invest a money for blogs, then choose WordPress free blogging platform. Then you can import your contents to self hosted WordPress account later.

If you really want to make money by blogging, you must select self hosted blogging platforms only.

Our first and last recommendations are, you want to pick self hosted WordPress as your blogging platform. Because of you cannot earn more money with free blogs and you must invest some money for growing your business.

Buy a Domain Name: How to start a Blog

While choosing a Domain name for your blog, you should consider the following conditions. And it must fulfill the below terms and conditions.

How to start a blog

1. The domain name must be relevant to your niche.


If you want to start a movie review site, you definitely pick name as,

Good one –, or

Bad one –,,..

It makes your site irrelevant to your niche.

So, find a correct domain name will helps you to get more SEO and more earning.


If you want to start a blog on How to topic, you must pick a name as

2. Always prefer, domain name ended with .com extension.

.com extensions are best for commercial usage than any other extensions. If it is not available then prefer other extensions, which describes your site more.

3. Avoid numbers in domain name

Numbers in domain will create huge impact on google crawling. That’s google’s spider doesn’t like to crawl your website often and takes sometime to index. That’s why? Most of the domain coming without Numbers.

And you cannot see any top sites in google search results with Numbers.

Another reason is that, people’s don’t remember site with number. So always pick a name without numbers.

Note: But you can use some unique numbers like, 180,360,.. if it fits for you. Our blog name also contains number,

4. Domain name must contain, one or two words only.

Make sure your domain must contain one or two words long with exact description of your niche.

4. Check it on Social medias

After deciding a name for your blog, make sure that name was previously do not used in any others social media networks such as Facebook,twitter,Instagram and YouTube.

5. This is the most important part for selecting right name,

Check any complaints previously registered on that domain name using lumendatabase.

Previously I’m not consider this one,

My previous domain name was That is very unique and simple but it was previously used for copyrighted contents leaking. And I’ll facing some DMCA policy violations after getting approval by Google Adsense.

After I check my site in lumendatabase, it shows Lakhs of DMCA violations. And finally I dropped that domain, It makes my hard work worthless. So please consider this as main factor while choosing a perfect domain for your Blog.

Best Websites to buy a Domain Name:

We usually find lowest pricing for .com domains at lowest prices in below listed websites.

1. Namesilo

2. Namecheap

3. Bigrock

4. Bluehost

5. Hostgator

Buy a Hosting: How to start a Blog

Buying a good hosting, will give you better performance, Fast page loading, site security and more. Generally four types of hosting available, those are,

1. Shared Hosting

2. Virtual Private Server (VPS)

3. Cloud Hosting

4. Dedicated Servers

VPS, Cloud hosting and Dedicated servers cost ver high. So if you want to know about these dedicated servers, it’s cost and features, please navigate to WordPress tricks under Category.

This article was made for beginners, so we talk only about shared hosting only. Because, for a beginner level We would recommend to use shared hosting. Because It’s cheap and best.

Google also said that, Shared hosting is good for small and medium size wordpress blogs. In google, you’ll see 90 out of 100 websites using this type of shared hosting.

Our final recommendations, if you are a beginner and want to begin self hosted wordpress website. Then you select this shared hosting with Linux server. Because linux servers come up with Cpanel (Control Panel), that gives more control, security and flexibility on shared hosting servers.

Best Websites to Buy Hosting at Cheap cost:

The below mentioned sites offers best hosting services with low cost. These hosting providers give better customer support, Cheap cost, Free SSL Certificate and security. WordPress official recommendations are Siteground and Bluehost.

1. Siteground

2. Bluehost

3. Hostinger

4. Hostgator

5. Godaddy

Steps for How to start a blog on WordPress: Install WordPress

After buying a Domain and hosting from your desired websites, you need to connect domain name with your hosting account. For that,

1. Go to your Hosting provider and copy the two name servers (alerted for you).

2. Then, Go to your domain buying site. ( GoDaddy,Namecheap, Bigrock, Bluhost,..)

3. Login to your account and go to your purchase or my order, then select your domain and click to manage.

4. And Paste the two name servers in that domain and save changes.

5. Then go to your hosting provider site, select a Domain, will ask you to you already have a website or create new. Select install WordPress on your domain, with proper informations. And finally enter a username and password for login purpose.

After successfully installing WordPress on your domain. Let’s go into WordPress site to setup essential thinks.

Setup WordPress Blog: How to start a Blog

After successfully installing WordPress on your domain, login into your site by typing, your

After entering your site, you’ll see some basic features only. To explore additional settings and essential features you need to install some essential plugins and themes.

Before doing that, remove all the default posts, pages, comments, plugins and themes.

Note: you able to remove themes after installing and another theme

Most of the SEO experts, promoting and marketing their plugins and themes through various famous bloggers. But in real practice, you don’t need to follow and use their guidelines. Unless my tutorial won’t helps you.

One think you should understanding, that more customisation and more plugins decrease the site loading time. Which creates huge impacts on your overall SEO of your blog. So Trust in my words, and follow my guidelines, hope it will works fine for everyone.


Themes are essential for your WordPress blog, which makes your site more user friendly. But always remember that, more customisation’s and styling not good for your site’s SEO and Loading time. Which disturbs Google spiders to crawl your site.

So remember that, before choosing a theme you should note that,

Is that theme was Light weighted?

Is Clean coded?

Is SEO friendly?

Is Page load time was very quick?

And size of overall page?

The below mentioned developers are most suggested by bloggers, And try to pick a theme from that developers.

themeforest, my theme shop, studio press, generate press and elegant themes offers many light weighted and clean coded themes for your blog.

Some of the best themes are Astra theme, Newspaper X, Newsmag, Publisher theme, Divi.

For more detailed guide on,How to start a Blog and customise with themes, visit our wordpress tricks under category.

Install plugins:

Lakhs of free and premium plugins available for your WordPress. You don’t use all of them until it’s necessary to your site. Too much of plugins will slow down your site and which leads to loss your organic (search engine) traffic. So we recommended to use essential plugins only.

1.SEO Plugin:

Plenty of SEO plugins are available such as Yoast, All in One SEO, Seo press, Rank Math and so on. But other than Rank Math, all other SEO Plugins are come up with Free and premium plans. Most of the bloggers stick with Yoast, All in OneSEO and Studio press. But our recommendations to you, to use free Rank Math plugins for SEO.

Because Rank Math SEO plugin come from my theme shop, previously they build so many light weighted, clean coded SEO friendly themes. But won’t get any impressions for their theme, so finally they decided to start their own SEO plugin with great team members. They working hard and give various premium features freely.

We briefly discussed about Rank Math plugin with Yoast and All in One SEO plugin in our blog. So please navigate to WordPress tricks under category.


You can find yourself, which is better SEO plugin by making simple Google search about, Yoast vs All in One SEO vs Rank Math.

Click Here to setup your Rank Math SEO plugin perfectly.

2. Table of contents Plugin

Easy table of contents plugin Inserts some short codes automatically, it will makes your content more organised and structured. Using this table of contents on your blog, users can directly moved to exact section, they want to read.

Read more about, best lite weighted SEO friendly table of contents plugins and it’s setup.

3. Updrafts plus

Backup your entire blog updrafts plus is best and come up with free and premium plans. Accidentally you may loss your data, so use this plugin before changing themes and plugings on your wordpress site.

4. Cache Plugins

Remember that your hosting service provide a speed of your blog. But in some cases cache plugins helps to Increase the page speed, Not guaranteed. And we also saw some improvements on using cache plugins in our site.

So use any one cache plugins for your site, such as WP Super Cache, W3 total cache, lite speed cache,…

5. Social share Plugins

Helps your reader to share they liked posts to their friends through social media platforms. Which brings you some traffic and necessarily you want to installed one plugin on your site.

Image Compression Plugins:

Usually we do not use this type plugins in our site. Because number of plugins will slow down your website. Images are must for better user experience, so you must use some pictures with proper alt attribution on your site. But number of Images will increase the page size and affects loading time of your blog.

And for that purpose, we use some online image compressing websites to compress pictures without losing quality.

We have a detailed guide on, best online image compression websites for free in our blog under wordpress tricks.

For more detailed guide on,How to start a Blog and setup with essential plugins, visit our wordpress tricks under category.

Write a good quality contents on your niche: How to start a Blog

These are the most successful bloggers mantra/ slogan.

“Quality of content is better than quantity”

How to start a blog

“Content is king”

How to start a blog

So don’t focus on, numbers of posts published by you. Because one good quality, long form content post is equal to 10 usual blog posts. And always give a preference to long form posts.

Thinks to remember while writing contents,

  • Speak more with less words.
  • Check on page SEO checklist before publishing your content.
  • Optimize your content with images and videos.
  • Timely post regularly.
  • At least post one content per day.
  • Make you content up to date.
  • Rewrite your post contents with proper informations.

Now a days the below mentioned type of contents have more views. Example,

How to Earn Money online for free?

Best way to earn free bitcoins?

How to earn money free?

Submit your blog to search engines: How to start a Blog

This is the most important part of, How to start a blog.

Promote your site in social media: How to start a Blog

If you are in a beginner stage, social media sharing will helps to improve your blog view and make popular. So share your blog posts to your friends in Facebook, Instagram, twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and other you are in.

At any stage you are in twitter, Facebook and Pinterest boosts your blog view. So prefer them.

Monetize your blog with Adsense programmes: How to start a Blog

After successfully submitting sitemap of your WordPress site, post some good quality contents in each category of your blog. You blog must fulfil the following conditions, to get instant Ad-sense account activation.

Minimum requirements and needs for applying Google Adsense:

  • You must be 18 years old.
  • Write a good quality contents with structured data by using schema.
  • Write atleast 3 to 5 contents on each category. Or temporarily remove empty categories to draft.
  • Have atleast 10 contents on your blog.
  • No page reviews or visitors required to apply Google Adsense.
  • For making more money you need more visitors and page views.
  • Use your old (upto 3 month) Gmail account for signup Google Adsense. (Note: make sure that Gmail account cannot linked to Adsense before)


DMCA policy violated contents lik such as,

  • Movies and songs downloading website.
  • Hacking and cracked softwere downloading.
  • Porn and all other pirated contents.
  • Don’t use copied images.
  • Don’t use any third party ads, until you’ll get approved by Google Adsense.

Not only Google Adsense, you can also earn money by using thrid party advertisers along with Google Adsense.Once you get a enough organic visitors to your site atleast 25K+, you can apply them. Some of famous third party advertisers,

Amazon affiliate marketing,ShareAsale,…

How to start a blog


Explore your Ideas and Knowledges in blogging platforms and start earning money. We hope this guide will you and give some useful informations about, How to start a blog and Earn money.

For any technical helps, feel free to ask us in comments.

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