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How to stop ads on Android? – Easy method


Now a days most of people’s are searching how to stop ads on Android mobile. Because at the end of 2018 around 3.3 billions of people’s are using smartphones. So most of online readers facing lots of annoying adds.
While surfing on internet you may face following disturbances.

  • Annoying ads
  • UN relevant ads
  • Adult content ads
  • If accidentally once you touch those ads you’ll be automatically redirected in to many pages, unwanted pop-ups, unnecessary notifications etc…

So in this post we will guide you How to stop ads on Android smartphone. This method not only stop browser ads and also stop ads from YouTube, Facebook, all Android apps on Android mobile. This method works on both non rooted and rooted mobiles.


Android non rooted users can stop ads by using Android apps. There are lots of ad blocking applications are available in play store. But we recommended to use Adaway or AdBlock plus Android app and download any one of the application from below link.
Adaway – Click Here
AdBlock plus – Click Here

How To Block Ads In Android
How To Block Ads In Android

Just download and install then Run the application on your device.
These both apps working fine in every Android smartphone. But every time you surfing on different websites that time you want to add the sites in these Android apps. So,in some cases you can’t stop ads completely without Rooting your Android device.
To know What is Android rooting? And advantages of Rooting – Click Here


By Rooting your Android device you can to anything like mobile manufacturer.
To know How to Root your Android device? – Click Here

By Rooting Your android device you may lose Data’s  – Click here to Know How to Backup your android Device
After Rooting your Android device, you want to Flash Energized Magisk Module.

how to stop ads on android mobile
how to stop ads on android mobile

Step 1: Just Open Magisk manager Android app on your Android device. Just search Energized and tap to install now. Then Similar way search and Install Busybox for Android NDK.

Step 2: Open Magisk manager > Go to Settings > Enable Systemless Hosts. Then Reboot your Device.

Step 3: Download and Install Termux android app by Clicking Here

Step 4: Open Installed Termux android app



and press enter. Then again Type


and press enter. Now you see Spark, Blu, Blu Go, Basic, Porn, Ultimate,Unified, Xtreme, Regional, Social and Porn lite.

To know more about Spark, Blu, Blu Go, Basic, Porn, Ultimate,Unified, Xtreme, Regional, Social and Porn lite – Click Here

Choose Which type of ad Blocking You need.

Then download selected File by Entering “Y” and Reboot your device.

Now your android mobile is completely ad free. Enjoy….

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