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How to use VPN for Secure Internet Connection?


Hello friends today I am going to share how to use VPN on your Android smartphone. Here also we cover many useful informations regarding to VPN services. First of all you need to know some basics about VPN as follows.

What is VPN services?

Today we are living in unsecure internet world and there is no surity for our privacy. And have a chances of stealing personal informations including bank details, which may lead to financial loss.

Because every time you installed a new app or game from unknown sources, may asks you to allow and access sensitive informations like location, contacts, microphone, camera and goes on. In this manner they may stolen your details.

To secure your connection while browsing you must use VPN services or proxy sites in order to avoid risks.

how to use vpn

VPN – Virtual Private Network

VPN services allows you to create a secure connection over the internet while you browsing.

How does VPN works?

Without VPN, you access the internet through ordinary unsecure Internet Service Provider, have a chance’s for leaking your personal information.

how does vpn works

But using VPN, you access the internet through private Virtual Private Network(VPN). The below diagram shows the exact representation of accessing internet connection using VPN and Without VPN.

Which is best free or paid VPN?

In the Internet world, Nothing is free.

best free vpn

Which means free vpn(Not all research yourself) apps may stole your details and leads to financial loss. So, if you are doing a online job or spenting too much time on internet than you must prefer paid vpn apps.

Anyway, This article will helps you to find best free vpn. Incase if you are looking for Paid apps/games free download(Completely legal) our guide also helps you here.

How to use VPN?

Here I using a free vpn called “Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy & Secure VPN”.

  1. Download “Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy & Secure VPN” using below link or make search in Google Play store.
steps to use vpn
steps to use vpn

2. Open downloaded “Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy & Secure VPN” with active Internet connection.

3. Signup with required details(gmail).

steps to use vpn
steps to use vpn

4. Set essential Settings on the go.

guide to use vpn
guide to use vpn

5. Connect to server by taping connect button.

guide to use vpn
guide to use vpn

6. Once you successfully established a VPN, you’ll see look like this.

steps to use vpn
steps to use vpn

That’s it you successfully connected to vpn servers, now open any Browser app on your phone and search anything anonymously with secure connection.

Similarly you can use any free/paid vpn apps on your device.

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