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How to unlock MI bootloader – Easy & 100%

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In this Post we Learn How to unlock MI bootloader Officially.According to the statics,At the end of 2019 around 4 billions of people are using smartphones. So Android smartphone selling is a good business. Now monthly 5 to 10 mobiles are releasing with latest updations.

So your 3 month older smartphones may stopped to get official updations. If you want to manually update your smartphone in to the latest Android version Android rooting is the best choice. To root your Android, the first step is How to unlock MI bootloader of your mobile.

how to mi bootloader unlock
how to mi bootloader unlock

To Learn How to Root Your Android Without PC and Laptop – Click Here

Here we show, how to officially unblock bootloader of mi/Redmi mobiles.

Step 1: Backup your Data

It is advisable to backup your data before rooting. This is because, during the root process your data may be erased.

To learn How to Backup Your data – Click Here

While Restarting, If you see UNLOCKED under MI Logo means your mobiles Bootloader is already Unlocked. If you see LOCKED under MI Logo than you should follow Second Step or Otherwise skip.

Step 2: To enable USB debugging and OEM Unlocking

Go to settings > About phone > MIUI version -tap 7 times continuously to enable developer option.
Now you get a info”now you are a developer”
Then again,
Go to settings > Additional settings > Developer option > enable USB debugging and OEM unlocking.
Then restart your device.

again Go to settings > Additional settings > Developer option > MI Unlock Status – Login With your ID and Password to see MI Unlock Status and apply for Unlock.

If you see MI Unlock Status is UNLOCKED means your mobiles Bootloader is Unlocked or otherwise follow step 3.

Step 3: Download and Install MI USB Driver and MI Unlock Tool – How to unlock MI bootloader

Using below link to download and Install on your windows PC or Laptop.

MI USB Driver: Download

MI Unlock Tool: Download

mi bootloader unlock tool
mi bootloader unlock tool

First you want to apply for Unlocking bootloader by Clicking Here

Then Open Installed MI Unlock Tool with Sign in to your account.

First Switch off your mobile. By pressing Volume Down + Power button to Enter Fast boot and then connect your mobile to PC through USB Cable.

When your mobile is connected press unlock and wait to complete 100% .That’s it your mobiles Bootloader is Successfully Unlocked.

unlock bootloader Xiaomi mobiles
unlock bootloader Xiaomi mobiles

If Doesn’t success then wait for 24 Hours and Try again to Unblock your Bootloader.

Click Here – To learn How to Root Your Mi Device.

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