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What is Linux OS? and It’s Advantages – Easy to use


Generally Operating system(OS) which manages all of the hardware resources associated with your computer, laptop and Android smartphones. This operating system will communicate between hardware’s and software’s of your device. An device Without operating system(OS) wouldn’t run. So today we learn, What is Linux OS?

what is Linux OS
what is Linux OS

Just like windows, iOS and Mac OS, Linux is a best and most used operating system in the planet. The Linux is an open source operating system which uses Linux kernel. This kernel is the heart of any operating system that can be exist every electronic appliances  in the world at the present time. Now a days everyone can uses this Linux kernel in their smartphones, super computers, television, super cars,AC,Refrigerator, all electronic home appliances, wearable devices, world’s top Internet servers and the world’s stock exchanges.

Linux OS are also available for mobiles such a OS are Ubuntu touch, Sailfish OS,Tizen OS, Plasma mobile, Postmarket OS,Pure OS,..

Linux gives the freedom to redistribute your copies. That’s why you can quickly search and install them on your computer or laptop.

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History of Linux?

Linux was created early at 1991 by the student Linus torvalds at University of Helsinki, Finland. This Linux kernels functionalities resembles like UNIX. So,First he decided to gave a name as FREAX. The name FREAX derived from the word free+freak+(uni)X. Which means free and open source operating system (OS) like UNIX. But Linus torvalds change its name as LINUX by the combination of his first name Linus and UNIX OS.

What is linux os
What is linux os(source image-brittanica)

The first Linux operating system was released on September 17,1991. But this OS Reach was not as expected. Finally Linux OS starts gaining importance after 1992. Now Linux has biggest community support from millions programmers around the world with 1.76% of successful Installation. 

Due to its open source, the codes used to create a Linux OS is freely available to public view. So, thousands of programmers can view, edit and give their contribution to that Linux OS and released as his or her own Linux distribution under General Public License (GPL). At this present time there is thousands of varieties of Linux distributions are available for beginners to expert levels.

Some top Linux distributions are,

Linux mint, Ubuntu, elementary OS, Debian, Fedora, Opensuse, Manjaro,Solus, Anterg OS,…

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What are the benefits and why we choose Linux OS?

Linux gave you a most reliable computer Eco system in the planet. Now Linux has biggest community support by millions of programmers and they gave online supports at any time as you want. So,

  • Linux give the best solution for many problems such as viruses attacks, malware attacks, crashes, repairs and Licence at free of cost.

               Till Linux distributions not had any issues with Ransomware attacks, Malware and virus attacks. That is less vulnerable attacks only than any other operating systems. The only requirements is you regularly update your system whenever updates are available. i.e., Antivirus is not required for Linux OS.

  • Linux OS are reliable, more secure and worry free operating system in the world.
  • Unlike windows, Mac OS and iOS, Linux was most customizable and can manually choose core components such as RAM-swipe area, Graphics cards like…
  • Every app developers can make their premium software’s in Linux version and distribute it at free of cost. So for in the Linux distributions all software’s including premium software’s are freely available and you can download and install as your wish.
  • Linux OS also offers freedom to install windows and Android applications in your system.
  • We can install these Linux distributions in many computer as you like without paying a money. Because it is a licence free.
  • Linux OS give freedom to run any programmes for any purpose.
  • You can install Linux on any laptops from very old to new one. Which offers you to manually create swap area(additional RAM) to increase performance on your older laptops or computers.
  • Unlike any other operating system, Linux distributions are lite and fast. It requirements started from 128MB RAM and 2GB Hard disk space. You can also install these distributions as your secondary OS on your system.
  • Finally, the most important benefits of Linux is you can install different Linux kernels instead of any Linux distributions. These kernels makes your computer faster, speeder, high performance,long battery, etc…

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Linux usage statistics

At the end of 2019,

linux usage statistics
linux usage statistics(source-wikipedia)
  • world’s top supercomputers 100% run only on Linux .
  • 90.7% of Cloud Storage’s and Cloud hosts servers uses Linux only.
  • Top 1 millions servers can run on Linux. Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba,… Using these Linux servers for reliability and it’s stability. Because Linux servers can run for several years without shut down. That’s it  2 out of 3 web pages run on Linux. Which is approximately 96.2%.
  • We know Android is powered by Linux, At the end of 2019 around 3.6 billions of people’s using smartphones. In this totally 86.7% of people’s owning Android devices. So totally smartphone wise 86.7% of people’s using this Linux.
  • About 1.72% of laptops and computers used this operating system.

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Most of people’s thinking Linux OS (all of Linux distributions) are very hard and difficult to use. They are still stick with traditional operating systems (OS) like windows, Mac OS or iOS and they are thinking coding knowledge is essential to use these Linux distributions. But these Linux OS are same as windows, Mac OS or iOS had a graphical interface.

Linux OS distributions are offers Live boot option. So, you can try any one of the Linux OS without installing on your laptop or computer. Now Linux offers everything is free and open source with largest community support. Past few years Linux also offer some mobile OS. So everyone will try this Linux versions at least once in your laptop or computer or in Android smartphones.

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