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Best WordPress Image Optimization Trick


Hello friend, welcome to WordPress tricks @ how2tweak. Today we discuss about, Best WordPress Image Optimization trick for better SEO.

Most of us do not give a preference for Images as same as our contents. And we think, images are necessary for scoring SEO and which is used for increasing user attraction/readability. But do you know images gains huge traffics to your website?.

The answer is yes!. You might see , in usual google search results for your searches, Both article and images are found in first results from various site. (Refer the below image). In this case most of users click on images not on that article.

WordPress Image Optimization
WordPress Image Optimization

In the above example, I search an free WordPress themes and the first result from but the top images appear from

That’s why, you must optimize images in your content, it not only increase user readability and also gains huge traffic to our website. And through in this article we guide you on, Best WordPress Image Optimization trick and How to use images in your WordPress for better SEO.

How to use Images on WordPress website?

Images are necessary one for every articles which improves both readability and SEO, But how to use?.

First you need to use Schema markup for each post, because you may write Article, Howto, Review, FAQ,,,. In this case selecting correct Schema type/Structured content will helps google to better understand your article in indexation. By choosing this type Schema type/Structured content will suggest necessary thinks for your Article.

Such as where to include images and how many images you need to use in this article like.

Best WordPress Image Optimization

Plenty of free and paid WordPress Image Optimization plugins available for Image SEO. But our recommendations are, you don’t need to pick any of them and follow some tricks I used in my blog.

  1. Too many images increase size of your article and results slow down your site.

First you need to optimize/compress images using any online Image compression tools. I prefer, | Convert any major image format into a highly optimized JPEG. This site compress images size into halves without losing quality and also offer bulk compression.

2. Add Images if necessary

We mentioned above, always use Schema/structured content requires images where you want to add images. And don’t use unnecessary images without any needs.

3. Host Images on other sites

As we already mentioned that, too many images can cause increase in page size and load time, finally doesn’t appear in google search results. So most of the users ask, can I host images on other free image hosting sites?.

In this most of the SEO experts/adviser doesn’t encourage this. But according to my opinion, if you are using shared hosting for your WordPress blog you may consider this with some conditions.

That is always host Featured Images and schema/structured content required images on your own site with low size(using online compressor). And you can use other images from third party free image hosting sites like Imgur. For that create your own account on Imgur, Google,,, and upload images and then copy the image/image address and paste it in to your blog.

4. Alt text Images

Most of us, using images for just formality, but still many of us don’t know how to manually alt text and description images for SEO.

  • Always manually write Alt text, Image Name, Captions with description.
  • Alt text – Use hyphens between words in your target Keyword.
  • Manually give short description of your article in Image description with target keyword.
Best WordPress Image Optimization
Best WordPress Image Optimization

5. Use jpeg images

From studies jpeg images are very lite and looking good than png images. so always use jpeg images only.

6. Adjust image size to viewable size and don’t make it small or big.

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We hope this article about, Best WordPress Image Optimization Trick will helps better you understand about Image SEO optimization. And also you can give your valuable feedback’s and comments on, Best WordPress Image Optimization Trick under comments section.

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